Friends of Radio 3



Friends of Radio 3 (FoR3) was established in March 2003 after discussions between listener members of the new Radio 3 messageboard, Classical Forum. It was decided that organised representations should be made to the BBC about listeners' concerns. FoR3 was launched around the Friends of Radio3 website which was designed and set up by Mark Sealey with editorial content by Sarah Spilsbury. Starting with an initial group of about thirty, FoR3 now has over 900 supporters. Contact us here to add your support.
Mark Sealey
Sarah Spilsbury is coordinator of FoR3, collating survey responses to matters of concern to listeners, and organising ways to present them to the BBC via submissions, letters and meetings.

Her former career posts have included civil servant (very junior), university teacher (French) and newspaper sub-editor; now spends a lot of time reading BBC and government documents about broadcasting and has a particular interest in Radio 3's drama output and arts broadcasts. Lives in Bristol.
Mark Sealey began listening to The Third in his teens in the 1960s. Formerly a teacher, journalist and editor, he now lives in southern California. Until his retirement in 2019 he worked for a large arts non-profit there.

He is a published poet - both in the UK and US; composer, and music reviewer specialising in 'early' (mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque) and contemporary music.